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0000133: [Bug] Invalid handler on adding participante from insite conference (mrivera)
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Released 2019-07-16
0000088: [Bug] hello i found a bug with tls certificate! (mrivera)
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Released 2018-08-23
0000073: [Feature Request] Dynamic Routing Call (autoClip routing ) eg. (mrivera)
0000101: [Bug] Little css bug in Admin-System Settings-Network settings (mrivera)
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Released 2018-08-23
0000099: [i18n] Translation mistake in dashboard (mrivera)
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Released 2018-06-07
0000092: [General] After running update NO sip trunk registration (mrivera)
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Released 2018-06-07
0000105: [Bug] adding number to CFI (mrivera)
0000055: [Bug] PJSIP Extension Status not available or wrong (mrivera)
0000098: [Improvement] add call type in the CDR Filters (mrivera)
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Released 2018-03-15
Here are only listed the issues reported by user, to see the full change log, go to the Following URL:
0000085: [General] CDR reports error (mrivera)
0000009: [General] External destinations in ring groups (mrivera)
0000079: [Bug] user disapear in the administrator user list after they chage their password (test on new version not on the list) (mrivera)
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Released 2018-02-19
First Stable Version of VitalPBX, The list of all the changes and Improvements are in the following link:
This change log, only contains the issues reported by users, the other changes and fixes are listed in the link above.
0000078: [Bug] Can't create user with restreint access to endpoint management (mrivera)
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Released 2018-01-31
Second Release Candidate
0000066: [Improvement] Increase the default upload size (mrivera)
0000062: [Bug] Allow to restore backups from oldest versions to newest (mrivera)
0000071: [Bug] Wrong update status after update add-on (mrivera)
0000064: [Feature Request] Recordings management prompt feature codes (mrivera)
0000072: [Bug] Add-on requests downgrade when is updated externally (mrivera)
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Released 2018-01-18
First Release candidate
0000051: [Feature Request] Automatic Backup (mrivera)
0000056: [Performance] Patches installation fails with large CDR's (mrivera)
0000023: [Bug] Voice mail options (mrivera)
0000053: [i18n] Cron Profile tooltip mistake (mrivera)
0000057: [Improvement] Show Asterisk and DAHDI version in about modal (mrivera)
0000049: [Bug] Can't change Follow Me Ring time (mrivera)
0000054: [i18n] On\Off Button translation (mrivera)
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Released 2018-01-05
Third beta release
0000037: [Bug] Unexpected error when try to save a duplicated device (mrivera)
0000043: [Bug] Devices with empty name are allowed (mrivera)
0000047: [Bug] Restricted calls are completed abnormaly without diagnostic voice message (mrivera)
0000020: [i18n] Translation bugs (mrivera)
0000038: [Bug] Creating a PJSIP device in Hot Desking prompts Channel Error. (mrivera)
0000045: [Bug] Wrong Custom App dialog display when custom destination is selected (mrivera)
0000048: [Bug] Cannot hide CID for outbound calls (mrivera)
0000028: [General] PIN Codes are not saved in the CDR (mrivera)
0000040: [Bug] Voicemail dropdowns list extensions without Voicemail (mrivera)
0000046: [Improvement] Increase default ringtime in trunks (mrivera)
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Released 2017-12-22
Second Beta Release
0000033: [Bug] Devices not shown on extension status module (mrivera)
0000031: [Bug] Cannot update from GUI (mrivera)
0000026: [Bug] Let's Encrypt issues (mrivera)
0000029: [Feature Request] Allow to continue outgoing calls to next trunk when busy (mrivera)
0000032: [General] cid_number field on import extensions description not clear - Causes Error. (mrivera)
0000011: [i18n] Cannot translate some GUI Stuff (mrivera)
0000024: [Bug] PJSIP endpoint is not generated when extension is assigned to a call group or pickup group (mrivera)
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Released 2017-10-06
0000005: [General] Queues VIP List Limited (mrivera)
0000001: [General] Opus Codec as Part of the GUI (mrivera)
0000007: [General] Trunk outgoing username can't have + (mrivera)
0000016: [General] Follow Me overrides the calling party information (mrivera)
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Released 2017-10-06
First Beta release of VitalPBX 2.0.0
0000019: [General] PJSIP needs to be implemented (mrivera)
0000004: [General] CID Lookup (mrivera)
0000015: [General] installing certs with certbot (mrivera)
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First release candidate
0000044: [Performance] Heavy I/O load on the system (mrivera)
0000041: [Bug] Show SRC/DST Name on Reports (mrivera)
0000035: [General] PDF Files are not clean after be generated (mrivera)
0000036: [General] Generate CSV Reports (mrivera)
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Seventh release with performance improvements
0000058: [Improvement] Read calls from newest to oldest (mrivera)
0000059: [Bug] CDR Synchronization stay in a loop (mrivera)
0000060: [Bug] Wrong app name is shown in the About modal (mrivera)
0000061: [Bug] Wrong version is shwon when license is activated (mrivera)
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Sixth release with minor updates
0000039: [Bug] Wrong version is shown in about modal (mrivera)
0000052: [Improvement] Don't require pass-trought addon from VitalPBX (mrivera)
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0000067: [Bug] Spy action doesn't work (mrivera)
0000069: [Improvement] Allow to filter extensions by name or number in the Extensions Widgets (mrivera)
0000070: [Improvement] Prohibit access to certain core functions by role (mrivera)
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0000129: [Bug] VitalPBX Communicator crashes when installed on Win7 Pro PC with Unexpected error when attempted to run (rcuadra)
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