Released 2018-01-05
Third beta release
0000020: [i18n] Translation bugs (mrivera)
0000038: [Bug] Creating a PJSIP device in Hot Desking prompts Channel Error. (mrivera)
0000045: [Bug] Wrong Custom App dialog display when custom destination is selected (mrivera)
0000048: [Bug] Cannot hide CID for outbound calls (mrivera)
0000028: [General] PIN Codes are not saved in the CDR (mrivera)
0000040: [Bug] Voicemail dropdowns list extensions without Voicemail (mrivera)
0000046: [Improvement] Increase default ringtime in trunks (mrivera)
0000037: [Bug] Unexpected error when try to save a duplicated device (mrivera)
0000043: [Bug] Devices with empty name are allowed (mrivera)
0000047: [Bug] Restricted calls are completed abnormaly without diagnostic voice message (mrivera)
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