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0000134VitalPBX[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-08-17 08:47
ReporterOrlin ShopovAssigned To 
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PlatformVitalPBX 2.3.6-1OSCentosOS Version7.6
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Summary0000134: Geo Firewall not working properly
DescriptionHaving activated Geo firewall in freshly updated VitalPBX to version 2.3.6-1 blocks registration from local country addresses, despite of selecting or deselecting specific country at the world map.
By the way, it is not clear whether selecting country blocks or permits that country, however whatever is the notation used, the country remains blocked regardless of toggling it.
Steps To ReproduceTry selecting / deselecting the country you are and try to register a phone to public address of the PBX
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Orlin Shopov

2019-08-13 22:42

reporter   ~0000208

Or how can you uninstall certain add-on, in this case Geo Firewall ?

Orlin Shopov

2019-08-13 23:11

reporter   ~0000209

yum remove vitalpbx-geo-firewall*

but this does not solves the issue, selecting or deselecting a country does not change anything
or module needs to be purchased ?


2019-08-16 23:31

administrator   ~0000214

The free version only allows you to block one country, however, if you have a carrier or enterprise subscription, the add-ons get licensed automatically.

The countries with red color will be or are blocked. For block a country, just, select the country, click the save button and then apply changes.
To unblock a country, just, unselect the country (green color), click the save button and then apply changes.

I have a question:
 What browser are you using?

Orlin Shopov

2019-08-17 08:47

reporter   ~0000216

I use mainly Google Chrome, if any issues, I usually try clearing cache or using Mozilla Firefox, all updated to current versions.

Is it possible to check whether specific network belongs to specific country list ?

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