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0000158Multi-Tenant[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-03-04 00:49
ReportersayedshanabAssigned Tomrivera 
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PlatformVitalPBXOSCentosOS Version7
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Summary0000158: DID inbound routing
DescriptionHi all,
Version : 2.4.0-6
 Asterisk: Asterisk 16.6.2
 Linux Version : CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)

We have a multi-tenant vitalpbx and trying to use the routing through DID to reach a specific destination. for current time, we are trying one DID to test. when we create a trunk on mater tenant and created the inbound route with our DID and the call reached successfully. we removed the inbound and created another tenant and created a inbound routing with our DID but we get message "im-sorry&no-route-exists-to-dest&vm-goodbyet" and I have to delete the trunk and re create it again to be able to receive the call to the specific destination. is there a way to avoid such issue or a button to press after deleting any inbound route and creating another with the same DID under another tenant to update the routing path to the new route?

Steps To Reproducecreate a tenant (eg. T3) Create a trunk on any tenant and then create an inbound route and put in DID Pattern a specific DID like 7231233456
and set the Inbound Destination to any module (extension, IVR or even announcement) the make a test call ro that DID and make sure it reaches the destination successfully. after that delete this inbound route and apply settings. Go to any other tenant(eg. T4) and make as above exactly with the same DID 7231233456 and try to call that DID and you will get message "im-sorry&no-route-exists-to-dest&vm-goodbyet" and in the asterisk cli, you will find that the call reaches to the old deleted inbound route on the other tenant (T3).
Additional InformationI think that will be good enough to trace and You can contact me any any time on if you more information.
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2020-03-03 23:09

administrator   ~0000288

Trunks and Inbound routes are per tenant, so, If you create a trunk on T3 who have a DID like 7231233456, and you perform a call to this DID, then, the call will go to the tenant 3, because, the trunk is in the tenant 3, so, don't expect to receive calls of T3 on T4, doesn't make sense.

If you want to move trunks from one tenant to others, make sure, you have deleted the trunk and inbound routes, also, applied changes on that tenant, and then, move it to the new one.

You may centralize your trunks if you want, but these trunks must be defined on the main tenant, then, in the tenant module, you may define the DID that belongs to each tenant, and the calls will be routed to the right tenant.


2020-03-04 00:49

reporter   ~0000289

Thanks for your quick response, that makes sense now ( in other word, I didn't try to move trunk from tenant to another, I only tried to reuse my only DID in testing and that would cause a big problem if I have more DIDs and tried to move some of them form tenant to another and keep sum as they are, so I will have to delete the whole trunk in each tenant and the inbound routes and recreate them again from the beginning to apply the new re-assignation . That may require a special button to recreate all the inbound paths according to the new updates. So we will not have to delete the whole trunk form each tenant we are going to remove an inbound route form it.

But also to be honest, I tried to add "Outbound Profiles" in the tenant module for a specific tenant but I can't find how to create it even in the your manual to add to that tenant in the tenant module.

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