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0000183VitalPBX[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2020-09-02 20:41
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Summary0000183: Directory And IVR Extension Dial

We recently installed a VitalPBX in a huge school. Pre-school, early elementary, high school they all have their individual staff and office members and there's a dorm as well.
We configured every department/building with it's dedicated COS rules, set for administrators more flexibility and it works great, meaning they can only dial the extensions they are allowed to etc.

The problem is with incoming calls.

There's no way to restrict which extensions you can dial in an IVR. We want that when someone reaches a specific department's Auto Attendant, they should only be able to dial extensions from that department.
Additionally, if a caller is routed to a directory, they can search for ANY extension across the entire school...

One department also requested that the directory should only allow searching by last name and it shouldn't play the extension number, so we modified the dialplan to:
same => n,Directory(${TOLOWER(${DB(${TENANT}/name)})}-voicemail,${DEFAULT_COS},l)

It would be cool if we can control these settings in the GUI

So I am here to suggest to implement a different approach:
- Allow creating multiple directories.
- Each directory should have the ability of adding/removing members within the directory, as well as setting which greeting, and common asterisk directory settings.
- Allow tying a directory to an IVR, so only extensions in the directory can be dialed in that IVR.

Let me know if you need any further help

I am ready to contribute testing and writing the dialplan if needed

Thank you

So I am here to suggest
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