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0000082Sonata Billing[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-03-14 16:57
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PlatformVitalPBXOSCentosOS Version7
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Summary0000082: VitelPBX 2.0 SIP Phone Registrations Fail
DescriptionProbably something simple but every SIP phone registration (from softphones and hardware devices) fails using a basic SIP extension setup. Have been doing this for a decade so I'm probably not a novice. Failures occur on private LAN with everything on the private side and on cloud-based PBX with phones on private LAN. Perhaps a brief tutorial (that works) would be helpful for those just trying out VitalPBX.
Steps To ReproduceExtension set up exactly as shown on page 11 of the user's guide. All possible NAT options have been tried. Softphone set up using Mac's Telephone app as well as several different hardware-based SIP phones including Yealink T46G and Digium's new A22.
Additional InformationAttempted connections from phones yield a 403 Forbidden error in SIP debug with Asterisk CLI. No further info in the CLI.
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2018-03-14 16:57

reporter   ~0000124

Apply Change was the missing piece to get things working. This ticket can be closed. Thanks.

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